Info shared online Thursday July 30th



1: how many known Jenkins branches are there? 7

2: who organized the first committee to hold the first family reunion? Barbara Watson with the help of a vast array of family & friends

3: what year was the first family reunion held? 1983

Bonus: what city/state was this first reunion held? Benton Harbor, MI

4: how many family reunion chapter committees do we have? 11

5: In which cities/states are the committee chapters in? Benton Harbor, MI; Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; East St Louis, IL; Hattiesburg, MS; Shuqualak, MS; Los Angeles, CA; Washington D.C; Pensacola, FL; Meridian, MS; Indianapolis, IN

6: what year was freedom granted to our descendants, Anthony & Barbara Jenkins? 1863

7: Who created and is over the Jenkins family website? William Dew

8: whose idea was it that we have a family crest? Chris Allen

9: Name the members that are on the Jenkins family national board. Barbara Watson, Tammy Russell, Bridget Rupert-Carmack, Donna King, Carolyn Allen, Angie Allen, Angela Perry and all other reunion chapter presidents

10: what is the trademark skill of the Jenkins family? carpenters

11: where is the Jenkins Quarters located? Shaqualak, MS

12: who sold the land to the Jenkins brothers? Lula Nunn

13: who was known as the boss of the Alabama farmland in our family? Amelia Taylor Jenkins