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June 21, 2008

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Letter Written by Nicole Turner on 6-17-08

Titled: Jenkins Family Reunion


 Hello!  I am Nicole Turner, granddaughter to Rachel Stennis-Turner(Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Callie Jenkins-Stennis of Shuqualak, MS. I live in Atlanta, and I will be attending the reunion for a day for 2008. Here is my email address. I haven't been to a reunion since the 1990 event in Los Angeles where I did the welcome speech at 10 years old!
It was exciting to find and browse the reunion website. My grandmother was supposed to send me some info, but I hadn't received it yet. So I did a google search and to my surprise, there it was! I'm amazed to see how many family members are here in Georgia! I have already been in contact with Gwen and James Smith, who hosted the 2005 event.
Anyhow, I am looking forward to the reunion! Have a great day and please reply to this when able.  Thanks and be blessed!
Nicole Turner
Thanks Nicole.  We look forward to seeing you at this years reunion! 

Letter Written by Kevin A Bailey on 8-9-03

Titled: Just an Idea


What I am about to tell you is probably not new to you.  I remember you saying that feedback from the family is what makes the website more.  You know many times when people come to the reunions there is a tendency for people to forget who is who?  What if everyone was sent an e-mail stating that as the opportunity arises, take a photoshot of that family and send it to you, and you can process it on the website?  This makes it easy for people association to their particular family.  My mother use to ask me about you and your brothers and sisters, and she didn't know who to associate you to, and I use to have to tell her who your parents were until she finally remembered.  Same way with Sandra and her sisters.  Now, you do have that to a degree on the website, when you view Family photo's on particular links or on an extended family shot like you did in 2001.  But now I am talking about a definite reference site, that keys people to the exact immediate Family.

 I am thinking about it this way:

 Curtis Sr. & Marie Dew:  (All Siblings)

 Ricky, Curtis Jr., William, Dave, Jackie, Jan- etc.

 Each category and their siblings.  And so on with each family as the amount of photo's increases more and more.  This may take years of cooperation when not at the reunion.  Or, at the reunion may be the only feasible and practical way to do it.  I can help you if you would like.  Now my talent for such doing is no where near yours.  But I can send out requests and do the other things that I can handle.   I think that as people see Families appear on screen, it will start a snowball effect and more and more will want to see their own family's on screen.

   Kevin A.

          Thanks Kevin,  I think your idea of placing Names with Faces on our webpages is an excellent one.  And creating a site dedicated to that effort would be very rewarding to the family archives and for better family communication and recognition.  We will be working together to see if this is something that can be accomplished for our family.

Thanks again, William Dew  

Letter Written by Kevin A Bailey on 8-6-02

2002 Reunion:

  To the Jenkins Family,

  I extend tremendous Thanks and appreciation for this years reunion.  And the history about the Family really accented the occasion.  Obviously, there was much work done to bring forth this reunion and all the efforts greatly displayed.  The two things that impressed me the most was the Family Tree and the Family Crest.  I may not be correct but I am willing to say that it is a first for a Family to have a symbolism that represents themselves.  There is, evidently, a strong sense of Pride that the Jenkins Family have for themselves, and with that sort of Pride and Dignity others will notice.  I say lets grow even Stronger together and fear not to Communicate with each other, and to assist one another, because Power comes in numbers.  And let Prayer, continuously be in our hearts.  For as much as the Family recognizes God, God will recognize the Family.

  Blessings to All, Kevin A. Bailey

Thanks Kevin, for your words on the 2002 Reunion!    

Letter Written by Sandra Grays on 7-28-00

2000 Reunion:

  Hello William,

 First of all I would like to say that we really missed you at this year's reunion.  I wanted to let you know that I thought this years reunion was a big success.  The Meridian Chapter really did a wonderful job pulling everything together.  Overall I believe everyone had a great time.  There was a certain group of people present at the reunion whom I think benefited more than anyone, and that group was the young children.  Seeing them interact with each other gives me great hope and great faith in the generations to come.  We as a family have set the stage for our young people and they are already following our lead.  We are a powerful people and together we can help build the people who will shape our world into something we can all be proud of.  Hats off to the Jenkins Family!!!

I'm Proud to be a Jenkins, and I say that everywhere I go!

  Take care and keep up the good work.

  Lots of Love,  Sandra

  Thank You Sandra, for your kind words: From the Editor!

Written by Barbara Henderson on 3-18-98:

The Jenkins' family Mission Statement:

The Jenkins family will pray together and seek devine direction from the Lord in order for our family to continue to serve our family, community, church and workplace with the excellence which is demanded for the quality achievment desired.

The Jenkins' Family Goals:

  • To lead our family with strong Christian values.
  • To maintain a positive attitude of leadership.
  • To continue to enhance our educational endeavors.
  • To promote family root awareness from generation to generation.
  • To seek resources and information which will benefit and encourage promotion.
  • To maintain the Jenkins' Quarters in Shaqualak, Mississippi.
  • To encourage each generation to foster the Jenkins' family quality of life.
  • To avoid negative schism which destroys family unity.
  • To continuously intercede for our family and the intended families.
  • To annually host the Jenkins' Family Reunion.
  • To support in the Jenkins' Scholarship Fund.
  • To constantly update the current Jenkins' family history.
  • To maintain family communication by convenient mode of communication.
Thank You Barbara! From the Family!

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