Past Reunion Time Line

August 16, 2023

This page was created to illustrate how it all started.

Where we have been, and where we will be going in the future!

It all started in "1983"


In 1983, The Jenkins family decided they had put off long enough getting the family together for a reunion. Barbara Harris-Henderson of Benton Harbor, Mi. organized the first committee. Many family members and friends worked together to make the affair a rousing success.
In 1984, the 2nd Jenkins family reunion was hosted again by the Benton Harbor chapter. many activities were planned. The highlight being the softball game between the WSJM No Stars and the Jenkins Family All Stars. The proceeds from this event were donated to the Kidney Foundation in the memory of W.L. and Canary Jenkins Hunt.
In 1985, the 3rd Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Detroit, Mi. Chapter, with Hervie Jenkins Sr. as coordinator. The T-shirt design for this reunion featured a photograph of a Jenkins Pioneer- The family of Larry Jenkins.
In 1986, The 4th Jenkins family reunion was hosted by the Chicago, IL. Chapter. With Gus Greer Jr. as coordinator. The T-shirt tradition was continued.
In 1987, The 5th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the East St. Louis, IL. Chapter. Mildred Jenkins-Butler served as coordinator. The T-shirt tradition was continued. The reunion activities were extended to 2 days. The highlight was a cruise along the Mississippi River aboard the President River boat.
In 1988, The 6th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Hattiesburg, MS. Chapter. Carrie Jenkins-Legrone served as coordinator. The T-shirt for this reunion featured another Jenkins pioneer- Mary Jane Jenkins. The Jenkins Family Cookbook was introduced, along with other gifts and special presentations.
In 1989, The 7th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Shaqualak, MS. Chapter. Hall Lee Jenkins was the coordinator. The T-shirt tradition continued. Highlights of this reunion were a parade through the Jenkins Quarters and a Fashion/Talent Show, which showcased some of the wonderful talents in the Jenkins Family.
In 1990, The 8th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Los Angeles, CA. Chapter. David Jenkins served as coordinator. The T-shirt tradition continued. This reunion featured a Tour of the Los Angeles area and a Dinner/Dance Banquet. The highlight of the reunion was the address given by the keynote speaker, Dr. Matthew Jenkins, on the theme, "The Responsibility of the Jenkins Family Through the 21st Century".
In 1991, The 9th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Detroit, MI. Chapter. Donna Allen was the coordinator. The T-shirt tradition was continued. The reunion featured a tour of Detroit, the introduction of the Family Tree, the dinner banquet, a fashion and hair show, an awards ceremony, and a dance. The highlight of the Saturday evening program was a speech presented by Bob Allen entitled, " The Jenkins Family-Soaring Into The Future".

In 1992, The 10th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Shuqualak, MS. Chapter. Hal Lee Jenkins was the coordinator. The T-shirt tradition was continued. The shirt featured a family tree of the first 7 pioneers of the Jenkins Family. A cap, pencil and napkin souvenirs were added. This reunion featured a week long camp meeting, a parade through the Jenkins Quarters, a dance, an award ceremony, a Candle Light Memorial Service, and a hair fashion show. The highlights of this "Decade of Digging Our Roots" were the First Jenkins Scholarship Presentation and a picnic. The picnic was a fun filled day of games: Not-So-Newly wed, Duck Pond, Softball, Spaades, and Uno. The Saturday night activities ended with a dance. Sunday, culminated this "Decade of Digging Our Roots": With a Homecoming Celebration at First Baptist Church, Wahalak, MS. The guest speaker was Rev. Eddie Jenkins. The Jenkins Family and church members served dinner.
In 1993, The 11th Jenkins family reunion was hosted by the Benton Harbor, MI. Chapter. The reunion was held in South Bend Indiana at the glassed Marriot Hotel. The facilitator was Barbara Henderson who worked diligently with a supportive, and dedicated reunion committee. The 11th Jenkins Reunion theme was: "Acknowledge Our 116 Year Old Inheritance, The Jenkins Quarters (1877-1993)". There was a bus tour, a Saturday evening Buffet Dinner, and Ancestral Candle Light Memorial Service. There was also a Jenkins Male Fashion Show, which was coordinated by Keenan Harris Daniels of Benton Harbor. There was a Bon-Voyage Prayer Breakfast Buffet as the family prepared for their journeys to return home.
In 1994, The 12th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the East St. Louis, IL. and St. Louis, Missouri Jenkins Chapters. The Reunion was of an African Attire. The evening was colorful and fashionable. Many will remember the Grand moment when Bobby Allen from Detroit, MI. entered the banquet room graced like a royal African King from Nigeria. The Reunion T-shirt was a colorful Afro-centric design created by a member of their chapter. There was a bus tour that visited many things, such as the Arch, museums and various shops. There was a Dinner dance Buffet and a talent show was held. Many family members sang and attempted to sing their favorite tunes. On Sunday, a farewell breakfast buffet was held.
In 1995, The 13th Jenkins family reunion was hosted by Tammy Russell and the Washington D.C. Branch. Tammy was directly assisted by LaVerne Coats Caison of Baltimore Maryland. The reunion started Friday night with a Dinner buffet, where family games and activities were also on the agenda. The following day many family members boarded buses with their red white and blue reunion T-shirts for an historic tour of the capital. That evening the family participated in a Jenkins Award Dinner dance. The banquet room was beautifully decorated in the reunion "Patriotic Theme" colors of red, white and blue. There was a farewell Breakfast buffet the following day, as the family prepared for their return home.
In 1996, The 14th Jenkins Family reunion was held in Chicago, IL. The coordinator was Bridgette Rupert Carmack. Along with her daughters, she planned a 3 day weekend. There was a get aquainted night on Friday. The following day many family members boarded buses for a Land and Lake Tour of the many Highlights of the Greater Chicago area. There was a Saturday evening Buffet dinner and a program. The reunion theme was "The Roaring Twenties". Many family members wore beautiful Roaring twenties outfits. There were new family members from the Stephen Jenkins branch attending for the very first time. Before leaving Chicago on Sunday, a delicious breakfast buffet was served.
In 1997, The 15th Jenkins Family reunion was held in Shuqualak, MS.  "Shuqualak, Mississippi is home, where it all began" was the theme of the 15th annual Jenkins Family Reunion.  Hal Jenkins, the son of the late Lonnie and Della Jenkins was the facilitator or the 3 day event.  "The Get Acquainted Evening" reception, the family parade and picnic dinner, the Jenkins Awards and Memorial Program and the Jenkins Family Homecoming Church Service made this a memorable family gathering.  Jenkins family members and friends filled the Shuqualak Community Center on a hot Mississippi summer evening.
In 1998, The 16th Jenkins Family reunion was held in Saint Louis, Missouri at the Harrah's Resort and Casino.  Mildred Butler, Dr. Melvin and Darcell Butler, the descendants of the late Lonnie Jenkins, were the Coordinators of the St. Louis and East St. Louis chapter.  The reunion theme was "Generations Together in Saint Louis, Missouri".  The 2 day reunion was highlighed by the get acquainted night, a tour of the Saint Louis area, and a Dinner Dance Banquet.  Everyone especially enjoyed the logo and the traditional tee shirts, caps, and tote bags, which were a big hit. The homemade cookies and brownies, which were baked with tender love and care, were provided by the reunion committee.
In 1999, The 17th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted in the city of Birmingham, Alabama.  The coordinator was Luxora Jenkins Griffin, the daughter of the late Sam and Tina Rupert Jenkins.  The theme for the reunion was "Onward, Upward and Forward Together".  The 4 day weekend included a Thursday Evening get Acquainted Nite, a Friday Evening Family Buffet and Program, on Saturday a tour of the historic city of Birmingham, which included the bombing site of the late Dr. Martin Luther King's fathers church.  The Saturday evening Banquet was highlighted by the theme "A Night of Elegance"  The Jenkins Sparkle in The Magic City.  The keynote speaker was the mayor of Fairfield , Alabama, Mayor Larry Langford.  Music and vocal selections were provided under the directions of Patrice Jenkins and Kim Jenkins, the daughters of Ransom and Mary Jenkins, along with the accompanied Jenkins Family and Friends Choir.
In 2000, The 18th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted in Meridian, Mississippi.  Eloise Carter Willis, the daughter of Annie Jenkins Carter was the coordinator for the Meridian Reunion Chapter.  The Theme for the reunion was "Looking Through The Eyes of Love in The New Mellennium", which was designed on the tee shirts logo.  The itenerary included a tour of Meridian, a Friday evening "Get Acquainted Dinner and Program", a family picnic on Saturday afternoon and an Award Dinner Banquet on Saturday evening.  The family enjoyed the singing of Richard Jenkins of Shuqualak, MS. and the oral presentation by Rossie Coates of Dekalb Ms.  The scheduled keynote speaker address of Dr. Matthew Jenkins of Los Angeles was delivered by his sister Consuelo {Connie} Jenkins Harper of Shorter, AL.  They are the children of the late John Wesley Jenkins.  The highlight of the evening was the video presentation of the past reunions.  On Sunday morning the family enjoyed a continental breakfast before departing for home.  It was certainly a blessed weekend with the Jenkins family and friends.
In 2001, the 19th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Benton Harbor, Michigan Chapter.  Members of the Benton Harbor Chapter are descendants of Albert and Alberta Parker Jenkins.  The Benton Harbor Chapter hosted the reunion in the Golden Dome City of South Bend, IN.  The Theme was "Celebrating Moments and Recapturing Memories" in The Golden Dome City.  Each guest was treated with a bag of M&M's and Hershey's Chocolate Hugs and Kisses, which reflected the theme of the reunion. The traditional tee shirts, bucket hats and tote bags displayed the 19th Jenkins Reunion logo.  The itenerary included a "Greet and Meet" Hawaiin Nite Dinner Buffet, fun and games and prizes, karaoke and lip sinc contest, Jenkins 1st Golf Invitational at Black Thorn Golf Course, Tee Shirt Activity Day, Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Dinner and Awards Banquet.  The keynote speaker was Chris Allen of Detroit, MI. He is the son of the late Joe Lee Allen and Elnora Jenkins Allen.  Chris shared a motivating presentation  and shared information about his founding services Family Roads and Arthur's Place.  On Sunday, the family enjoyed a farewell Sunday Prayer Breakfast.
In 2002, The 20th Jenkins Family Reunion was Hosted by the Detroit Chapter.  Donna Allen took on the challenge of Coordinator for her 2nd family reunion in Detroit.  The reunion Theme was "Looking Towards the Future, but Not Forgetting the Past!"  The reunion was a 3 day affair with African Motif dress on Friday get acquainted night, Saturday included scheduled activities to Museums and the Zoo, along with golf and a family picnic. The evening was adorned with the 20th Reunion banquet which featured a presentation by Keynote speaker Dr. Virginia R. Allen, entitled: "Wisdom of the Ages: A Guide for the Future". The night was also rewarded with Chris Allen's debut of our Family Crest/Coat of Arms.  There was also a Fundraising raffle to raise money for an educational Scholarship, which raised $1,060.00 and was awarded to Gerwin Westfield on his way to Michigan University.  The night concluded with a dance demonstration by Ricky & Gladys Dew and many others joined in with them.  On Sunday, a Farewell breakfast was enjoyed by the family before returning home from the exciting weekend in Detroit which featured many new things in our family. 
In 2003, The 21st Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted by the Pensacola, Florida Chapter.  Coordinator Rev. Frank Jenkins and his support family in Pensacola planned a 3 day Florida weekend for our family.  The Reunion Theme was "Strong Links from our Past, Preserving Us for the Future".  The weekend started with a get acquanted night on Friday and followed with activities on Saturday that included the Naval Air Station Museum, and Pensacola Beach tour and a trip to the Zoo.  There was also a family Picnic, with an Activity field.  The 21st Jenkins Family Reunion Banquet followed that evening, and the Mistress of Ceremonies was Princess Jenkins.  There was a Candle memorial lighting and a Guest speaker, Rev. Johnny R. Allen.  The family concluded the Florida weekend with a Family Fellowship Luncheon on Sunday before heading home from yet another, Joyous Jenkins family Reunion. 
In 2004, The 22nd Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted by the Chicago, IL. chapter. The reunion was the 2nd for Coordinator Bridget Carmack, who was also the Coordinator for the 14th JFR in 1996. The theme was The Jenkins Family Re-Uniting "Chicago Style". Fridays activities included an online presentation of the Jenkins Family Reunion website, by Editor & Publisher William Dew. Saturdays activities began with a trip downtown to Chicago's Navy Pier. Approximately 50 family members went on the Shoreline Siteseeing Tours Architectural cruise on the Chicago river. Family then returned to the hotel for the 22nd annual JFR Banquet, where the Misstress of ceremonies for the evening was Bridget Carmack. The events of the evening were, an educational scholarship Fundraising raffle, which awarded a 32" TV. There was also an Educational Scholarship Raffle which awarded 2 each $600 Scholarship's to Nija R' McClean and Kevin M. Bailey Jr. A Memorial Candle Lighting service followed. There was also a live webcam for non-attending family members. The 3 day event concluded on Sunday with a Breakfast buffet. A gamecube gaming console was also awarded to the person who sold the most raffle tickets. Family then shared their farewells until next year.
In 2005, The 23rd Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted by the Atlanta, GA Chapter at the Ramada Plaza / Comfort Inn Hotel.  The reunion was the 1st for Coordinators Gwendolyn Dent Smith, a descendant of the Alford and Hannah Little Jenkins Branch of the Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Family Tree.  Her loving husband, Rev. James Smith and their three children faithfully assisted her.   The three day reunion dates were August 5th-7th.  The theme was "Georgia...on my mind".   The weekend itinerary included Friday - African Attire for the “Meet and Greet Banquet”; Saturday –wore designed reunion polo shirts and toured the “Greater Atlanta City Tour Attractions - Mall of Georgia,> Six Flags Over Georgia, King’s Center, Visitors Center, Centennial Park, Atlanta Underground, World of Coke, High Museum, Herndon House Museum, Carter Center, Apex Museum, Atlanta University and the Shopping Plaza; the Saturday evening highlight was the semi-formal “Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Dinner Banquet”;  the Scholarship Awards Honorees were Elementary School:   Jeremiah Smith   (Award $210.00),  Middle School:   Alexander Smith   (Award $210.00),  High School:  William H. Dew Jr.   (Award $210.00).  The weekend concluded on Sunday – with a  Prayer, Praise and Worship Breakfast Buffet.  Many relatives attended the Sunday morning services at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Thanks to Gwen and James for hosting a spiritually fun-filled weekend.  We hope to return to the "Peach City" in the upcoming future.

In 2006, The 24th Annual Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted by the Houston, Texas Chapter, at the Holiday Inn Southwest, on July 21-23, 2006.  The Theme was "Experiencing Unity, Love, and Respect through Family Bonding".  The coordinator Sandra Jenkins Gray is a direct descendant of Willis Jenkins of the Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Family Tree. The Houston Chapter Committee Members were Janice Stennis, Sandra Stennis, David Stennis, Janice Palmer and Geneva Drough.    The three day itinerary included Friday Evening -Attire: Western Wear-Texas Style!),  “Meet & Greet” Social Hour and a Dinner Buffet Program and Annual JFR Board Meeting;  Saturday - Family Day in Tom Bass Park included Moonwalks, Card Games, Family Games, Karaoke, Sack Races, Talent Show, BBQ Picnic, Semi-Formal “Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Dinner Banquet” and Candle Light Memorial Ceremony; Sunday – a concluding “Farewell Fellowship Ceremony”.  We salute the young members of the Houston, Texas Chapter, for taking the torch of leadership and meeting the challenge of hosting a very successful Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Family Celebration.
In 2007, The 25th Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted in Pensacola, Florida at the Holiday Inn University Mall on July 20-22, 2007. The Reunion Theme was "Kinship is Unity of Faith, Conquering Fears, Acknowledging Failures and Abounding in Love".  The 25th reunion host President, Rev. Frank Jenkins Sr., is a direct descendant of Stephen Jenkins of the Anthony & Barbara Jenkins family tree. The Pensacola chapter members included, Mrs. Helen Jenkins, Mrs. Renee Hosea & Mrs. Princesse (Jenkins) Grant. The 3 day itinerary included Friday evening get-acqainted social hour & refreshments.  Saturday family day at Pensacola Naval Air Station, with Fun & Games, a Museum tour, with plenty of good eating at the Picnic.  Saturday evening featured a Semi-Formal Dinner Banquet & Candle Lighting ceremony.  The Mistress of Ceremonies for the 25th Jenkins Family Reunion was, Mrs. Princesse (Jenkins) Grant.  The Guest speaker was, Dr. Eunice (Jenkins) Jordan.  The family concluded the Florida weekend with a Sunday morning Church service at Mount Olive MBC, with a sermon by Rev. Frank Jenkins, Sr. The services were followed by a Farewell Luncheon at the Church. 
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In 2023, The 41st Jenkins Family Reunion was hosted in Fort Lauderdale, FL on July 21-23, 2023 by the Fort Lauderdale chapter and coordinators, Bobby & Pamela Mays.  The theme/slogan for the weekend was "The LEGACY Continues."  The host hotel was Renaissance Fort Lauderdale - Marina. The three day weekend commenced Friday morning with beach day at the beautiful Ft. Lauderdale beach and a Jungle Queen narrated boat tour. Family then gathered Friday evening for fun and games during Meet & Greet. The fun continued as family competed on the volleyball court at our family picnic on Saturday. The two teams, Team Alpha "Old School" led by team captain William Dew and Team Omega "New School" led by team captain Byron Jenkins battled it out on the court. Team Alpha took home bragging rights. Saturday afternoon, board members met for the national board meeting where Chris Allen presented a special edition family shirt with the crest included. Saturday night during the family banquet, Chris Allen was the keynote speaker and shared a motivational presentation on the family crest. Family members were challenged to submit their entry for a slogan to be included on the family crest. The night was very educational, inspirational and fun. The weekend concluded with Sunday morning worship service held in the hotel banquet room with a sermon by Rev. Marquis Jenkins, Sr. and songs of praise by our 41st Jenkins Family Reunion Choir coordinated by Sandra Grays.

Note: I would like to Thank the Shaqualak, MS. Chapter, for most of the info on this page was taken from their 15th Family Reunion booklet!  And Benton Harbor, MI. Chapter for info from their 19th Family Reunion booklet.

Thank You!

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