Anthony and Barbara Jenkins

38th Family Reunion

(Online Virtual Reunion)

          July 29-August 2 2020


Dear Family Members,


The 2020 JFR is going virtual due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus.  Several motivated Jenkins family members, headed by E'Lexus Daniels and Sydni Harris have decided to apply online technology so that we may still come together as a family, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Below are the details of our (Virtual) 38th Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Family Reunion. 

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Wednesday, July 29:  #JokingJenkins (Noon to 5pm)  

Thursday, July 30:  #Jenkins Jeopardy (5pm to 7pm)  

Friday, July 31:  #JenkinsJammyJam (5pm to 7:30pm)  

Saturday, August 1:  #JenkinsGotTheJuice, & #JenkinsJiggy (6pm to 9pm 

Sunday, August 2:  #JudgingJenkinsGrub & #JenkinsNJesus (10am to 3pm)  

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T-Shirts:  Adults S-XL-$17.00, 2X-$18.50, 3X-$20.50  


T-Shirt Sizes: S____ M____L____XL_____2X_____3X_____

To order your 38th Annual Jenkins Family Reunion T-shirt, you will be required to use 1 of 2 apps available for electronic payment via

Cashapp or Zelle.

To do so you will be required to download the app, then enter your credit/debit card info.  You will also need to enter Bridget's phone # (708) 259-5267 which will take you to the T-shirt account.  It is imperative that the family sends their shirt size, and their full name when sending in their shirt money.  The deadline to submit T-shirt order to Bridgett will be July 15.  (T-shirt orders include cost for shipping)     


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